Sports And Fitness

Sports And Fitness

Choose between lots of physical activities & facilities like Cricket Ground, Table Tennis, Archery, Laser Shooting, Bowling Alley, Arcade Mania, Board Games & much more!

Badminton Court

Dedicated Badminton Court for the Sports Enthusiasts where you can play like a champ and enhance your Badminton Skills!

Beach Volleyball

Begin the serve at sandy Volleyball court !!! Jump and serve the ball while airborne!!!

Bowling Alley

If you know how to score by rolling bowls, you will be attracted to our bowling alley. 6 lanes Brunswick made bowling alley with all the international standards followed will help you in improving your bowling skills.

Cricket Ground - Floodlit

Winning and losing are part of any game but Cricket is a game of chance & style. You could also become stylish as lush green floodlit cricket stadium provides an ideal venue for friendly cricket matches & tournaments during day & night.

Pro Shop

A sporting goods & accessories shop within Resort where you can get all the necessary items to double your FUN at Resort!

Gamble Free Tambola (saturdays)

A Gamble Free activity for the entire family where you can not only play but also win fabulous prizes and of course it’s a course of wonderful mental activity.

Tennis Court (floodlit)

Well, why them? When you can be as good. Come and play as much of tennis as you want to at our newly renovated tennis courts. Would like to, but do not how to? Well do not worry, as our expert marker is right there to help you out.

Children Cycles

Branded & fully equipped cycles for children to boost their cycling skills and to make them stay fit and healthy. Children can do cycling on a proper track with start & finish and feel like pro.

Electronic Scooties

Mini Speeder Scooter, allows the rider to propel forward without ever having to pedal or touch the ground. They provide a low-impact exercise that can be enjoyable for children above 5 years. · Easy Turning, Drifting & Acceleration. · Great for Building Strength, Body Coordination & Balance · Dual Foot Platforms for Stability. · Ride and Control In Many Different Ways

Ladies Cycles

Are you looking for cycling practice? Here at Dreamworld we've introduced top quality cycles as we understand that everyone is different and that those differences require an activity to suit. Colorful Bicycles are ideal for safe, confident riding for Ladies.

Table Tennis

Very popular sports among the young generation. We at Dreamworld promise to keep in view the interests of the energetic youngsters for which we have exclusive hall with 4 tables dedicated for table tennis.


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