Fun House Indoor Games

Fun House Indoor Games

A complete package of indoor games & facilities for your entire family. Have fun with our multiple gaming facilities such as, Air Hockey, Alley Hoops, Arcade Baby, Arcade Mania, Carom Board, Dabbu, Foosball Game, maze runner, Kids Video Game & various other games!

Air Hockey Table

Enjoy intense striking and endless fun with an arcade classic that brings the joy of friendly competition to table!

Alley Hoops

Alley Hoops is a fun alley bowler game with multiple hoops like basketball hoops etc. as targets as opposed to the traditional circular barrier design. Multiply your fun by scoring more and more!

Arcade Mania Upright

A skill and strategy game that features an arcade machine that's simple to operate, a challenge to play with the highest quality gaming and stacks of customizable options, enabling your dream retro-gaming machine to become reality!

Carrom Board

Carrom Board game facility is available for both Amateurs and Professionals!


Dabbu game facility is available for both Amateurs and Professionals!

Foosball Game

Enjoy the classic indoor football game which is also known as table football.

Maze Runner

Grip your hands on steering wheel and control the ball to pass the mazes & reach the finish point!

Mini Pool

Unleash your inner pool shark with a competitive game of 8-ball or just play for fun.

Point Snooker

An interesting & unique game to unleash your inner snooker skills with a competitive game of snooker.

Q Balance

If you think you're good at balancing things then you must try Q Balance game & balance the cue ball with the help of rope!

Table Tennis

Very popular sports among the young generation. We at Dreamworld promise to keep in view the interests of the energetic youngsters for which we have exclusive hall with 4 tables dedicated for table tennis.


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