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InshaAllah we will Hit Rs. 2,500,000+, YOU will Reap Benefits!
Sale of New Memberships of Dreamworld has been closed for MORE THAN 2 YEARS! Whenever main membership will be reopened, its fee will be Rs. 2,500,000 OR MORE! How can you be sure?

  • 1
    We have completely bound ourselves to InshaAllah open at Rs. 2,500,000 OR MORE by highly publicizing this figure in our newsletter, website, on social media, posters, flyers, brochures and through other channels. That's because we NEVER intended to go back on our commitment from the very first day of main membership closure.
  • 2
    Not a SINGLE New Main Membership has been SOLD since November 2013.
  • 3
    We have partly done it on members' own demand. Partly because we wanted members to start gaining profits should they ever decide to cash their investment in Dreamworld Membership. Since the price is continuously increasing, most members do not want to sell.