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Dreamworld Resort, Hotel & Golf Course is the largest Resort hosting 225+ top-notch leisure facilities for all age groups while, Musical, Food and Cultural activities are a regular feature at the Resort. Spread over an area of about 144-Acres, it offers;

  • Golf Course with floodlights. 18 hole, 72 Par. PGF & SGA affiliated.
  • Amusement Park with Horse Riding, Bowling Alley, Desert Safari, Go Karts and many other adventure activities!
  • Water Facilities including Artificial Sea, World's Largest Fresh Water Swimming Pool, Water Slides, Boating Lake etc.
  • Separate Swimming Pools & Spa Facilities for Ladies including Jacuzzi, Steam Bath etc.
  • 5-Star Chalet Hotel.
  • 4 Restaurants serving Cuisines from Different Global Cultures.
  • Fun House with entertaining Indoor Games & Sports, Arcade Mania, 34-in-1 Multiple Games and much more!
  • First of its kind Snow Play Area in Pakistan & VR Arena with Fascinating Games.
  • Augmented Reality & Ice Skating will be available soon.

Guide for Member

The recent price escalation of Dreamworld Membership Alhamdulillah makes it a good Asset. However, to earn this profit, Member has to forgo their Membership by Selling it. What if a Member gets to keep their Membership and STILL "Save and Earn Cash" up to Rs. 150,000?

Now Allah has blessed Dreamworld Members with a new way of gaining profits: Guest Membership. A Member can shift their Membership usage-rights (not the ownership rights) to their relatives or friends for a fix period of 18 Months. This will give the member Total Benefit of Rs. 150,000!

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