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    Membership is also an Investment
    Following comment from one of our Members might interest you:

    "Membership certainly turned out to be a remarkable investment. I sold my membership with a profit of 340%."

      Member Name: Adnan Zikar
    Membership #: 20495

    Alhamdulillah membership rates of Dreamworld are increasing very fast hence this is the best time to own a membership. It is an Asset which is one of its kinds. It has got the ingredients of a Real Estate investment where:

    • 1
      You can invest and hold to sale for profit; while use at the same time.
    • 2
      You can buy in one shot & sell in installments (with help from Dreamworld for security of your membership).
    Why are our Membership rates increasing?

    Reduction in Supply

    • Alhamdulillah Dreamworld is the ONLY source that can issue new memberships. However, we have stopped issuing any new Main Memberships for more than 2 years. Thus we have literally cut the supply of new Main Memberships in market to Zero.
    • Result of this Zero supply is that our existing Members are getting higher Profits when they sell their Memberships. But most members do NOT want to sell as they have purchaesed for their children. Hence, supply of such memberships is also very limited. Result?
    • Supply has significantly reduced with this innovative strategy. While on the other hand, with blessings of Allah Demand is continuously increasing day by day!

    Increase in Demand
    • Higher Profits have opened up new market of Buyers: The Investors!
    • We are aggressively promoting to attract new buyers of Dreamworld's membership: Personal selling through dedicated team of 35 persons, paid social media advertisements, paid Online promotions, Newspaper advertisements, stalls in malls, etc are some of the tools for promotion
    Investment backed by Alhamdulillah strong product:

    • Developments in vicinity & nearby of Dreamworld will Insha'Allah directly increase demand of membership:
      • Fazaia Housing Scheme (Dreamworld & FHS share same walls - neighbors)
      • Expansion of population in Gulshan-e-Maymmar
      • Development of new factories in SITE 2
      • Launch of Bahria Town & DHA City
      • Expansion of Super Highway
    • It is the only resort in Pakistan which has won a series of awards like 2002 Quality Award, International Excellence award in 2003 & 2004, Golden Pony Award 2005, Brand of the year award in 2010 and won A+ category Brand of Icon Award 2012 while, this year we won 2 achievements "Certificate of Excellence 2015" by Trip Advisor & Environment Excellence Award 2015 by NFEH
    • Alhamdulillah Dreamworld is the largest Membership based family Resort, Hotel & Golf Course.
    • Fun for all ages, it provides attractions like artificial beach, water slides, acres of swimming lakes, desert safari, go-karts, bowling alley, golf, hotel, dining and a lot more.
    • Alhamdulillah the Resort itself is continuously expanding: introducing new facilities every year, launching new events, creating interesting cuisine ideas & expanding outside of 4 walls through beneficial affiliations. Thus our products & services are Alhamdulillah reaching new mile every now & than.
    Prices of other clubs in Karachi:

    When our Resort's fun facilities & amenities are compared with any other club, it becomes apparent that we have been selling on rates which are much below the industry pricing. Now that prices are being decided by members, membership price is naturally going up and reaching new high levels very frequently.

    A very limited time opportunity! Hence, if you are seeking high profits on investment, than start buying memberships right now!