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Limited Guest Membership | Guide for Member

The recent price escalation of Dreamworld Transfer Membership up to Rs.1.4 Million Alhamdulillah makes it a good Asset. However, to earn this profit, Member has to forgo their Membership by Selling it. What if a Member gets to keep their Membership and STILL “Save and Earn Cash” up to Rs. 200,000?!

Now Allah has blessed Dreamworld Members with a new way of gaining profits: Guest Membership. A Member can shift their Membership usage-rights (not the ownership rights) to their relatives or friends for a fix period of 2 years. This will give the member Total Benefit of Rs. 200,000!

Dreamworld Membership Alhamdulillah
Truly an Investment - Truly an Asset:
Get cash Rs. 127,040 by shifting usage-rights as you are the Membership owner.

Save Rs. 72,960 as Guest Member will pay Monthly maintenance for 2 years instead of Owner Member.

Membership remains property of the Owner Member as such usage-rights will shift back after two years.

Guest Member will pay YOU Rs. 240,000 (Inclusive Rs. 40,000 processing charges of Dreamworld)

"Ensure your dues are clear every month since past 12 months.
"Find a Guest Member for Your Membership.

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