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Free Guest Memberships Will Be Awarded After The Pandemic Ends In-Sha-Allah

Are you a Medic?
Are you fighting on the frontline?

Please send us your video describing your own special experiences during this pandemic. We will become your voice and spread your message.

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Doctors & Paramedics Facing Issues

Do you know that how doctors personal life has been affected by this pandemic?

Doctors are facing problems when they return home, they cannot meet their parents nor mother can put hand on their head, nor their children can run towards them for a hug, these are the problems which common people don’t know about.

Just imagine that after all these issues & problems, what is the point which strengthens them in this condition? Their loyalty for their work, their love & care for their people. They are doing their job with full heart. We are curious from where do they obtain the motivation level.

Just realize that it’s not an easy task to work for such long hours & doing dangerous work, what gives Doctors & Paramedics strengths & increase the willingness that they have to serve?

As per our knowledge, they have to work for 15 days non-stop and they’re only allowed to go home for 12 or 24 hours, it’s not a piece of cake.

Quarantine Issues & Problem

It’s quite difficult experiences in the quarantine area, it’s not their routine to wear mask, gloves & safety gears; of course these are the part of doctors’ struggle.

Then 2 weeks of quarantine, it’s not easy to be in, if someone recommends you to stay on bed for one day, you will become fed-up from life because you will not being able to stay on bed for 24 hours.

Doctors & Paramedics have to stay in quarantine along with the COVID patients for a very long time, while the patients become restless & they do disturb doctors of course. Do you know how they handle them?

Imagine when the patient’s family drops their loved ones into the quarantine, they do have many queries in their mind and doctors & paramedics must have to answer them.


Disclaimer: On the special recommendation of their management / administration, few Memberships have already been awarded to the Medics of Agha Khan University Hospital, Dow University Hospital, INDUS Hospital & Quarantine Center – Expo Karachi. These Memberships were awarded before the start of voting procedure & they are included in the total number of FREE Memberships announced by Dreamworld.